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Honorary Causa

Honorary Doctorate

An honorary doctorate is an honorary degree that is awarded to recognize an individual’s contributions to a particular field or to society as a whole.

The Honorary Doctorate is an elite academic credit that is credited to the individuals on the basis of their experience in specific field of studies.  The Doctorate program is not a regular degree program; rather it comes under a non-academic category. The recipient of honorary doctorate would sometimes do not have any kind of relationship between the existing course of study or their previous studies. Such students lack the formal education, but the nature of experience held by them speaks of their par-excellence and pre-eminence that calls for an award or an accolade.

IRUP is offering Honorary Doctorate program in various online courses that can be easily attained while sitting at home or doing the regular jobs. The top notch recognition is given to the recipients who have no school or college education. The acknowledgement received as honorary doctorate is helping individuals gain the momentum and uniqueness besides giving them the advantage to be on the plus side of their career. We are building the careers of thousands of individuals across the globe by providing them with not only the online training, but the Doctorate. The students enrolled for Honorary Doctorate receive benefits that help in transforming their lives and put them altogether in different domain.

The recipients can use title as Doctorate (H.C.), using the Honoris Causa within the parenthesis. In this way, one would adulate the recipient as the Doctorate of the particular subject. We are offering this Doctorate not through the means of nomination, but on the basis of the interest and the designated work undertaken. We follow a simple process of selection based out of the interest of the applicants and their dedication to the course of the study.

Earning the Honorary Doctorate from the IRUP is more of the excitement and matter of prestige for the students. And since our requirements for the degree are very simple and lucid, prospective students are going to have a great engagement towards their profession and work even harder to show the extreme level of dedication too.

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Distinction between the Doctorate and Honorary Degree Program

In the world of academics, there are several programs offered by institutions and universities on the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Besides, there are also many programs like the Ph. Ds., which are offered to the candidates after they have completed their masters. Such types of degrees are offered in variety of subjects under the titles of Doctorate and Honorary Degree. These degrees are different than the Doctorate and the Honorary Degree Program.


How do You Describe the Regular Doctorate Program

A regular Doctorate Degree is the academic degree of top notch excellence, and is bestowed upon the individuals who are extremely learned or have achieved the acme in the field of arts, commerce or sciences. However, this regular Doctorate Program is definitely not related the Doctor of Medicine, which is awarded to the professionals who have completed their Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Sciences (MBBS).


How Regular Doctorate is different from Honorary Degree

The Honorary Doctorate or the Honorary Degree is academic title, which is far different from the regular Doctorate Program awarded to the candidates by the university or institution. This Honorary Doctorate Degree is awarded to the candidates on the basis of their practical experience that has been acquired over the years of practice in the same field.  In general, the Honorary Degree may take different names like

 ‘Honorary Fellow’, or ‘Honorary Master’ or ‘Honorary Doctor’ as the case may likely be.  


The Impact of Regular Doctorate and Honorary Degree

In the professional realm, the impact of having a Regular Doctorate Degree or acquiring an Honorary Degree is cited differently. In short, there is no match between the two types of degrees. In general, while both the degree programs come out of sheer knowledge and expertise, the academic excellence of having Regular Doctorate Degree is much more than the Honorary Degree and the reasons for this are quite obvious.

However, in any of the case, just having a Doctorate is not going to save the professionals unless they do not continue to practice and develop their skills in the subject in which they have earned their Doctorate.



With this basic knowledge on Regular Doctorate study program and the Honorary Degree study program, you have come to know the elementary difference. Now, it is better to understand as to which type of Doctorate Degree is going to serve as a welcoming retreat in your future career and development.

Historical Significance


Value and Importance

Morale Booster

Positive Attitute

Advantages of Honorary Doctorate

A Honorary Doctorate is a symbol of accomplishment and recognition. It is a way of acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of professionals who have made a lasting impact in their fields.


Procedures to Get Honorary Doctorate

Criteria Selection

Exemplary contributions, impactful, outstanding achievements, and significant influence in chosen field determine eligibility for honorary doctorate recognition.


Distinguished for outstanding contributions in their field, the nominee merits an honorary doctorate for transformative impact and unwavering dedication

Maintenance of List

Maintaining an list ensures recognition of distinguished achievements. Preserve legacy, inspire future leaders, and honor excellence perpetually

Commmittee Selection

Selecting recipients demands discernment, integrity, and a commitment to recognizing exceptional contributions to academia and society

Follow up

Grateful for the bestowed honor. Committed to advancing knowledge and making a positive impact. Thank you for this prestigious recognition

Invite Participants

Esteemed individuals, join us for the prestigious ceremony conferring an Honorary Doctorate. Your presence adds immense value.

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